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About Us

Jeffrey L. Taylor


Jeffrey L. Taylor is the managing partner of U.S. Government Relations Intl., LLC (USGRI), a comprehensive and cost effective government affairs firm based in Washington, DC. He is also a principal in Falcontree Capital, LLC, a financial development firm, and a contributing writer for POLITICO’s “The Arena” section, a cross-party forum where elected officials and opinion leaders discuss current political and policy issues.

Jeff brings experience to his clients born of a career that has included the legislative branch, the executive branch, public policy, political campaigns, and corporate affairs.

Jeff is the former chief of staff to U.S. Rep. David McIntosh, (R-IN) ret., where he served as the top congressional, campaign, and communications advisor to the Congressman; advising him on the development and implementation of his legislative and political agenda. During this time, he also worked closely with the U.S. House subcommittee on Regulatory Reform - which McIntosh chaired - which had policy oversight of all regulatory agencies in the executive branch.

Jeff served as the Congressman’s principal liaison to the U.S. House of Representatives GOP leadership, attending weekly House Republican leadership meetings chaired by Speakers Newt Gingrich and, later, Dennis Hastert and participating in weekly senior leadership staff meetings during the 105th and 106th Congresses.

In the mid-90s, Jeff helped establish Frontiers Institute, a 501(c)(3) public policy think tank, in concert with U.S. Senator Malcolm Wallop (R-WY) ret. He took a leave from Frontiers in 1996 to serve as a senior campaign advisor to Steve Forbes and his campaign for President.

In the 102nd Congress, he served as Director of Congressional Relations at the National Republican Congressional Committee (NRCC) offering political consultation to Republican Members of Congress on re-election matters.

In 1989, he served President George H. W. Bush as a political appointee at the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services.

Paul Sweet


Paul provides clients with three decades of Washington experience and active involvement in advocacy and public affairs work on behalf of state and local governments, universities, and private industry.

He most recently worked for Mercury Public Affairs and its predecessor group, Fleishman Hillard Government Relations, and has assisted a wide cross-section of public and private sector clients ranging from large multi-national companies to entrepreneurial start-ups. He is familiar with the appropriations and tax-related processes in Congress and grants and rule-making in regulatory agencies. Paul has worked with the current Democratic leadership in Congress for two decades, and has strong relations with many committee and subcommittee leaders.

Paul’s background in bipartisan intergovernmental relations includes working as the Field Director for the Citizens Conference on State Legislatures, working in the Washington Office of the Council of State Governments as a Legislative Director, serving as Director of the Washington office of the National Conference of State Legislatures, consulting for the State Legislative Leaders Foundation, serving as Executive Director of the Center for the Study of Democratic Institutions, and consulting for the Chair of the National Governors’ Association. He served as the Intergovernmental Coordinator for the Gore-Lieberman campaign.

He was selected to open a bi-cameral, bipartisan office of the California State Legislature in Washington and successfully increased federal funding for California state and local governments in several programmatic areas. He served as the Chief of Staff to Congressman and former Democratic Caucus chair Vic Fazio (D-West Sacramento), where he worked closely with a variety of constituent interests in Washington, including the local governments, universities, and small businesses in the district.

The President of the University of California asked Paul to open a federal relations office in Washington as a part of a larger plan for establishing the university’s presence in the nation’s capital. In addition to providing the university with advocacy and representation, he was instrumental in establishing the university’s academic program in Washington. The University was then a $10 billion enterprise, and the largest employer in California and New Mexico. He also worked closely with the California Delegation and the California business community in the establishment of the California Institute for Federal Policy Research.

Among the many community activities with which he is involved are the California State Society of Washington (former President and current Board member), National Conference of State Societies (former President), Golden State Roundtable (co-Chair), the Friends of the National Arboretum (Board member), and a member of the National Democratic Club.

Lawrence W. Casey


Lawrence W. Casey (Larry) is a principal at, a U.S. government relations firm, based in Washington, DC. He is also a Florida and New York-based non-practicing attorney.

His career profile includes; law, management experience in the U.S. federal government and the Congress, state government, non-profit management, political management, and a businessman and entrepreneur in the private sector.

Currently he specializes in public affairs, public policy matters, government relations, business development, public/private partnerships, on- line education, and domestic and international business.

He is also CEO of Organic Hemp Oil Ltd., a trading company and distributor of raw organic CBD oils and isolates and distributor of its derivative consumer products.

Mr. Casey has a wide range of global interests and personal relationship network in the United States and in international business/ government communities, Mr. Casey has had successful business efforts in dozens of countries with a 35 year long special focus in the China, Taiwan and Japanese markets.

Mr. Casey's federal service includes; the US Congress, senior executive management appointed positions in the Reagan, George H.W. Bush, and George W. Bush Presidential administrations, and as an attorney with the Securities and Exchange Commission.

He carried out appropriate diplomatic roles and has had high security clearances. Additionally, he has served in Tallahassee, Florida as a legislative aide in the Florida House of Representatives. Locally, in Florida, he served as CEO of the Palm Beach-Treasure Coast Regional Red Cross in Florida, with a population base of almost 2 million people and over 3,000 volunteers and it received a national award under his leadership.

In his 14+ year senior staff responsibility in Congress on Capitol Hill, in Washington DC, he worked with members of the U.S. House of Representatives and the U.S. Senate. He served as Chief of Staff to two Members of Congress; the Hon. George Wortley and Hon. Mike Forbes, both of New York, Counsel to the Hon. Jack Kemp also of New York and on the staff of The Hon. Hamilton Fish and Senator. John Chafee of Rhode Island. Later he served as Counsel and a District office leader to Rep. Clay Shaw of Florida. In those capacities, and in private sector, he worked closely with the Appropriations, Ways and Means, Judiciary, Banking &'Housing, Ethics, Foreign Affairs, He also has close relationships with the Intelligence and Homeland Security Committees and was Executive Director of a bi-partisan Coalition of 26 US Senators.

In the Executive Branch, Mr. Casey’ was appointed by Presidents Ronald Reagan, George H.W. Bush and George W. Bush to senior posts in the Departments of Commerce, Agriculture, and Labor. His last posting in 2007-2008 was as Associate Deputy under Secretary of Labor for International Affairs. In that capacity, he helped shepherd a program that rescued over a million children around the world from horrific forms of abusive child labor practices. The afflicted children were then placed into education programs. He has also been a regulatory and oversight attorney the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission in the Division of Market Regulation.

Mr. Casey is a public affairs/ public relations expert and has appeared often in print and talk radio. He has been published in many newspapers and has worked and been credited on non- fiction and Professional books with his late uncle, William J. Casey, former Reagan political campaign manager, and past Director of Central Intelligence Agency, and president of Export Import Bank. He worked with Director Casey in political campaigns, and in the non- government sector. He sits on the Advisory Board of the Institute for World Politics, in Washington DC, Chaired the International Committee for 6 years at the Governor's Club of the Palm Beaches, bringing 23 Miami Consul Generals for business dinners on an annual basis, was a member of the World Trade Center Advisory Council, and has lectured at Florida Atlantic University and Stetson Law School on international business customs law and courtesies. He also is a member of the Former Chiefs of Staff of the US Congress, sat on various Boards, and has made numerous guest appearances on nationally syndicated talk shows.

Mr. Casey is a graduate of Alfred University and St. John’s University School of Law.


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